Our mission is to mobilize and empower people and community-based organizations to drive real change and advance our shared agenda – this is community organizing to win!

Fundamental to our core are progressive values, like creating shared economic prosperity, building strong public schools, addressing climate change, and supporting racial justice. What sets us apart in this hyper-political circus-like atmosphere is our ability to listen to and talk with people, not at people, and work with people, not around people.

Our model is to respect, empower, and include – because we are more powerful working together. Through a robust field and digital organizing program, earned media, and expansive partnerships that empower local leaders and organizations, For Wisconsin’s Future will cut through all of the noise this election cycle as we educate and engage voters on local, state, and national issues and local, state, and federal elections.

Community-based and issue-driven, we are committed to building power on the ground in Wisconsin – so we don’t need to rebuild or recreate the wheel every election cycle and every legislative session.

Join Our Team

From making phone calls, sending texts, and reaching out to elected officials, we have volunteer options for every comfort level, and staff ready to assist you every step of the way.