Write a Letter to the Editor!

You can send a letter directly to the editor of your local paper by entering your information and selecting the paper you’d like to publish your letter. Then, simply write your letter and press send! We’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Keep it short! Limit your letter to three or four paragraphs, maximum ~200 words – the shorter, the better.
  2. Keep it Simple: Aim to make one strong, compelling point – not more. Write in a concise, informative and personal way. Make your first sentence short, compelling and catchy. Don’t be afraid to be direct, engaging and even controversial. Keep your points short and clear, stick to one subject. Letters should be at around an 8th grade reading level. Avoid technical jargon and $10 complicated words when there’s a simpler alternative. Be sure to explain your core idea and why it matters in a relatable way.
  3. Make it personal: Talk about why the issue matters to you. Give your opinion on why a particular issue or piece of legislation is important.

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